What Is Charlotte’s Web CBD?


If you are looking for a medical application for CBD that is highly effective for what you want it but do not have any narcotic effects, then Charlotte’s web is actually a strain that has already been tested and also proven to do its job without having you flying high due to its effect. Charlotte’s web CBD is an effective treatment for conditions such as PTSD and epileptic seizures and today it has become one of the most sought after medication all over the world. To learn more about hemp oils healthyhemp.com, follow the link.

To give you a brief background on Charlotte web CBD, it was created due to a little girl’s battle to 300 epileptic seizures every week and it was only treated using a CBD-rich Cannabis strains. And because of this, her story became viral on the internet and it was not long enough that Charlotte turned 6 years of age, this particular strain of Cannabis helped her able to overcome to epileptic seizures. Charlotte’s seizures started when she was only 3 months old and her seizures could actually last for 30 minutes.

This is reason why Charlotte’s father who is a member of the United States army gave up his work and stayed home to take care of her sick daughter. And because there is only a very few treatment that is available for Charlotte, both Matt and Paige who are Charlotte’s parents look for other alternative that can help her child. They even reach to a point that the parents considered having the experimental drug that was already developed in France that helps treat seizures in dogs. The best information about hemp oils healthyhemp.com is available when you click the link.

They also considered treating their daughter with ketogenic diet which was suggested by a specialists which worked at first but there was side effects on their daughter which are losing bone mass, degraded immune system and even developed behavioral problems. When everyone was losing hope, Matt saw a video on the internet about a boy who was also having problems with Dravet syndrome and was only treated with cannabis strains that has very low THC but rich with CBD. Scientist today have also found that CBD helps reduce seizures that can cause chemical as well as electrical activities within the brain without any side effects.

During that time, it was already determined that cannabis has a lot of medical benefits and that CBD oil also gained approval from the government for a treatment of different diseases. This is also because there is very low THC levels, this is the reason why this type of strain is ideal treatment for seizures. Seek more info about hemp oils http://www.huffingtonpost.com/maria-rodale/9-ways-to-use-hemp-oil-in_b_10145990.html.